Do you want to join us at Wise OT? 


Looking for your next career move?

You wont look back!

Are you over working 8am - 4.30pm in a hospital environment with no flexibility?

Do you need a break from Covid central?

Do you want to spend more time with your kids?

Do you want to get 10 hours back in your week by working from home?

Do you want to run your own calendar and have flexibility to do the things you love?


We all love some autonomy and flexibility within our work boundaries. Don’t keep working until the point of burnout and think this is all you've got.


The unknown of Private Practice can seem scary.. Until you KNOW what it's all about.


If you have clinical skills working in brain or spinal injury or complex orthopaedic injuries and you can write a decent clinic report, then imagine this..


  • You’ve got a supportive team who are your biggest fans

  • A Team that provides clinical leadership and guidance

  • A Team that helps you to achieve the goals you set for yourself

  • You've got the freedom to pick up your kids after school

  • Or book a hairdresser appointment at 10 am on a Tuesday!

  • You can go to the gym outside of your allocated 'lunch break'

  • You're well respected and your opinion is valued

  • You've got career opportunities ahead of you

  • You get to choose a pathway that suits your life and family

  • You save up to 10 hours per week in travel by working from home

  • You're invited to regular socials and an awesome Xmas party!