At Wise OT Solutions we’ve modified our service delivery to ensure your vulnerable clients can still access our OT and case management services at a time when they need us most.


Here’s what we can offer, in addition to our regular OT services:


Isolation check-up! 

·         Is your client set up to access telehealth services?  

·         Do they need any further equipment/internet access to allow therapy to continue?  

·         Have their rehab plan goals been revised to adhere to social distancing principles?  

·         Are they at risk of developing symptoms of anxiety or depression with further isolation?  

·         Would they benefit from regular phone calls or video conferencing to ensure they maintain some social contact and that their mental health is ok?


Our OT’s can develop an individual client strategy to ensure all injured workers are well supported during this difficult time, including linking them with other suitable telehealth providers and outreach community services. 



Rapid Response Discharge Service!

·         We are aware that our inpatient health services are significantly strained at present and patients are being asked to go home sooner than a ‘normal’ length of stay would be for their injury.

·         This will impact anyone having hip or knee replacements, shoulder reconstructions/revisions or inpatient rehabilitation following a neurological event.

·         We are able to provide a rapid response service to ensure all care, equipment, modifications and medication are in place.  

·         An OT home visit is still possible with hand hygiene and social distancing precautions, if required.