I've just stepped back into the office after a very exciting 3 weeks away! We got married in a beautiful ceremony in Coffs Harbour, NSW, followed by 2 weeks in Hong Kong and the Philippines for our honeymoon. I had underestimated the importance of this holiday, not only to spend time with my new husband but to take a step back from work and enjoy some down time. Our holiday was filled with 33 degree days at the beach, cocktails by the pool, delicious food and lots of 'time out' reading fiction and just being present in the beautiful piece of paradise at our feet. 

Now I haven't had a holiday for just over 2 years which is probably not uncommon for most people, but after working with the challenging clients we treat on a daily basis, I was really feeling exhausted! I teach scheduling and time management to my clients, self care, taking time out for yourself and to be mindful. Yet somehow I'd found myself chasing my tail, running out of time for family and friends, skipping the gym and some days not even taking a lunch break. It was time to step off the hamster wheel I had created. 

The holiday for me really challenged my thinking. Fresh ideas started to pop into my head, I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and even started to breathe deeper. I started to wonder why I don't have time out more regularly and be a little selfish once in a while. After all, it was such a fantastic way to re-energise and check in on my goals for 2015. 

In this 'busy' day and age, we've come to convince ourselves that jamming as much as possible into our work, personal and social calendars is a measure of our importance. We make 'to do' lists and tick things off without stopping to engage in what we're doing at the time. We double book ourselves, turn up late and start to let people down on deadlines. We stop being mindful and truly paying attention to our surroundings. 

When was the last time you stopped to take a look around, have a few moments for yourself or even considered taking more than a two day break?! 

I'm not here to make you green with envy about my holiday but I have to say it was an amazing experience and one I will not leave so long next time, for the benefits far outweighed putting it off for another few months!  I hope this is a little reminder that we all deserve a break once in a while, without feeling guilty and you might just consider when your next break is going to be... 

Here's my tops 5 tips for nailing your holiday experience: 


  1. Lock it in: Book in advance and don't negotiate with yourself. You'll be so thankful once the date comes around. Counting down and looking forward to something always makes the working week go faster! 

  2. Plan ahead: For your departure AND your return. Wind down on new clients/case if possible, to allow you to get away without something work related hanging over you.  

  3. Communicate: Let colleagues know the dates you'll be off in advance and ask for some support in your absence, so you don't come back to a pile of 'To Do'. 

  4. Be present: When you're away, enjoy every moment. Stop and take some mental pictures. Take a few moments to breathe it all in, without your laptop or phone. 

  5. Hit the ground running: When you're back, get straight back into it. Your fresh mind and rested body will be rearing to go, so take advantage of this moment! 

In the meantime, I'm holding onto this holiday zen for as long as possible whilst back at my desk! (and dreaming of my favourite spot on the beach in Boracay below for some inspiration!) Do you have a getaway planned for later in the year? or perhaps a winter escape. Go on, you won't regret it! 

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Liz Brownlee

Director & Occupational Therapist


It's known as the best sunset in the world for a reason! 


Just married!


Nami McShane has joined our team as a full time Occupational Therapist. She is a very dedicated OT with a wealth of clinical experience and is particularly interested in spinal injury, home modifications and ergonomics. Having recently worked for a Workcover agent in NSW and previously in TAC Victoria, she is a great asset to our team. Get to know more about Nami here.. 

Have you got a holiday planned? In case you need further convincing..  Here's some more thoughts on why taking a break is good for your career!