Our recent Brain Injury Event was a huge success and thanks to all those who attended. It was a pleasure to present along side Dr. Jenny Brockis and her plastic brain! (all the way from Perth) and Felicity Robinson; Speech Pathologist extraordinaire!  

It's not often that we take time out for our own learning and development when there are usually so many other office based commitments. It was great to see insurance teams meeting other insurers, mingling with care agencies and getting to know our OT's. I think there's a lot to be said for 'face to face' networking opportunities and the chance to spend time with like minded people. 

If you walked away thinking more about the specifics of a complex client you've met in the past or are currently working with, then mission accomplished. We wanted to get you thinking a little differently about these difficult cases and why they become a little stagnate at times and reiterate the importance of someone sailing their ship, to make sure a destination is reached! Here's a little re-cap of what case management means to us:


  1. Who's got the map?:  During the session, participants attempted to draw a boat without any specific directions (and without knowing they were drawing a boat!) to demonstrate just how difficult it is to complete any task successfully without precise communication, verbal and visual cues. Some of the results were quite hilarious and we all realised right then and there just how important specific directions are, particularly when working with client who's cognition may be impaired.

  2. You can't save the titanic: Even the best, most experienced sailors with years of experience could not save this sinking ship in its last chaotic hours! Just like a group of expert health professionals working in brain injury, frantically all providing individual services for a client but not working together, is not going to help to achieve the clients common goals.  

  3. Everyone needs a Captain: (or a case manager!) to build rapport with the client and set early expectations of the legislation and reasonably necessary criteria. We provide one comprehensive report to cover off all outstanding issues and provide progress updates and revised goals every 3 months.  We arrange case conferences to ensure all treating providers are working together and towards the same goals.

  4. The 3 C's: Collaboration, Communication and Client centred approach: Not communication on it's own.. and it's not collaboration without the client at the centre.. As Helen Keller Said "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much". Lets start working more as a team to get the results we know can be achieved. 

Our captains have capacity for new referrals at present, so  If you have someone lost at sea and you’d like to know more about the services Wise OT Solutions can provide, please don’t hesitate to  email or call me directly on 0414 627 930.


Liz Wise

Principal Consultant & Director

Wise OT Solutions


Photos of our Team and some guests at the recent Brain Injury event.

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'IN THE SPOTLIGHT' - this month we have the pleasure of introducing Felicity Robinson. She has been working as a Speech Pathologist in the Public and Private sectors for 12 years now. Felicity's background is in neurogenic communication and swallowing disorders. She is passionate about providing tailored functional interventions for clients in their local communities and provides services to LTCS and insurance clients. Get to know a bit more about Felicity here, (incase you didn't get to meet her at the Brain Injury Event!). 

A fantastic blog right here and some great tips on mindfulness from Dr. Jenny Brockis to help you at work! Feel free to sign up to her newsletter for updates direct to your inbox! 

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I'm taking some time off to get married and enjoy a little honeymoon! I'll be off from Monday 4th May, returning on Monday 4th June. Thanks for your support and understanding during this time. It is business as usual for the Wise OT Solutions team. Please contact Nami McShane, Senior Occupational Therapist directly for any queries Ph: 0478 419 592.