As I sit here in the airport of a regional NSW town after a very long day on the road, i'm thinking how lucky we are to have access to an abundance of health care in our major cities. I've travelled for 8 hours including a taxi, a plane and a hire car before I even got to see the client! A 3 hour assessment and a few more hours drive later.. the last plane has left for the day. Lucky I've packed my overnight bag! On the road, with a scratchy radio and no mobile phone reception (insert major panic!!)... I had quite a bit of thinking time to get excited about the year ahead. 

In years gone by I've 'promised' to exercise more, eat healthier, lose weight, be a better OT.. and the list goes on. I usually think about these 'new years resolutions' until... oh, at least the end of January, before drowning in the chaos of the year that is birthday parties, Easter celebrations, end of financial year, Xmas in July and before we know it we are planning New Years Eve celebrations again. Then the anxiety of unaccomplished 'To Do's' sets in!

This year is going to be different - successful, hard work, rewarding and a little bit spectacular! As an OT who teaches the art of goal setting with my clients - i'm going to start living what I breathe and make specific commitments to ensure I achieve my goals this year.

Here's my best tips for achieving your goals in 2015:

  1. Get up early - I've been reading a lot about this lately, listening to podcasts about successful people who achieve more when they just get up earlier. How simple, right?  Well, perhaps not the first time your alarm goes off at 5.30am, but trust me, it gets easier! Do something for yourself before the day starts, you'll be amazed what you can accomplish before 9am. 

  2. Say it Out loud - write it down, share with your family, partner, pets, kids or stick it on the wall.  There's something about formally declaring your goals that really keeps you accountable. It also makes it real for you - no hiding from yourself anymore and suddenly you're heading in the right direction. 

  3. Achievable - Marathons are not for the faint hearted. Dont sign yourself up for an outlandish commitment, hoping you'll get there. Set yourself some realistic goals - enough to challenge you, but activities you are interested in and will commit to.

  4. How Long is a piece of string? If you can't measure it - you can't manage it. Set yourself some specific targets and timeframes and measure how you're fairing a set intervals. This will keep you going once you see you're achieving and get closer and closer to the end goal. 

  5. Celebrate your Success- reward your milestones along the way. With our clients we like to work visually, using star charts, tick a box on the wall or even a picture of the reward they have set. For you it might be new clothes, a massage or an ipad!

What is your 2015 looking like? What will you achieve both personally and professionally? If you haven't already - start by writing just 3 things down that you wan to achieve this year. You'll feel much better by the time 2016 pops up! If you need a little nudge to commit - see the link below and write a letter to yourself that will be sent to you, 12 months from now. 

What would you say to yourself a year from now?! Use this link to write a private letter to yourself. Perhaps a declaration of your goals for the year or achievements you'd like to see before 2016. 

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'IN THE SPOTLIGHT' this month we have the pleasure of introducing Danielle Bennett; Director of Care Services at All About Caring. Her wonderful team work closely with our Occupational Therapists to set up complex care programs for Workcover NSW, CTP and LifetimeCare & Support clients. Get to know more about Danielle and her passion for the attendant care industry here! 

Occupational Therapists emerging into the limelight as the key to our health care system. I've personally thought this for years now, however my bias is strong! I think the world is catching on..Have a Read more about our great profession here and why we are arguably more influential than doctors, nurses, social workers and physiotherapists!

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