Thanks for joining us for the second edition of WOTS News. We hope you enjoyed getting to know the history of Wise OT Solutions, our vision, our values and our commitments in the first edition

This month we share with you a further insight into our OT role, a few things we've been up to and some useful information on brain injury. 

ON THE ROAD: Our team has been busy seeing clients across the state this month, with a trip for me to the mid north coast almost resulting in some adaptive equipment being confiscated at Sydney airport! The items were not sharp or dangerous, just interesting to the untrained eye and I had a little chuckle explaining what a 'bottom wiper' was to security. You can always tell an OT by their 'Mary Poppins' bag of tricks! 

We've also had the opportunity to meet with two WorkCover agents, for face to face claims reviews this month. In my experience, it's always beneficial to discuss the most complex of cases in person and collaborate on a sustainable strategy for rehabilitation and return to work. It's a chance for us to understand the insurer's goals and It also provides an opportunity for us as the treating OT/Case manager to share additional information that may be better discussed in person. This collaboration is a significant step in achieving outcomes for both the insurer and the injured person. 

COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE: This week we come together for our quarterly team meeting. A full day, allowing our team to share their achievements, discuss complex clients and learn a bit more about a topic relevant to our industry. We are privileged to be welcoming Naomi Edwards, acting Branch Manager, Workers Compensation from QBE Insurance. She will be educating us on the topic of work capacity decisions and providing and insight into the domestic assistance guidelines, to help us better understand how decisions are made by an insurer. We are all excited to hear Naomi speak and look forward to implementing some positive changes to our practice in future. 

SOMETHING EDUCATIONAL: In time for Brain Injury Awareness week (11th to 17th August) and Sidetember, a charity raising awareness about Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), we'd like to talk more about the brain.. 


Wise OT Solutions provides case management and cognitive intervention for people who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We mostly commonly see these injuries as the result of a workplace accident or motor vehicle accident. Two of our OT's recently attended training with the Brain Injury Association (BIA) of NSW as an opportunity to refresh our knowledge and skills. 

Some quick facts we'd like to share with you: 

TBI can be caused by violent physical force to the head, such as;

  • Through a traffic accident

  • Assault ('one punch') 

  • Fall, typically from a roof or ladder

  • Sporting injury following concussion

  • workplace injuries involving a knock to the head by heavy machinery

The effects of a TBI vary from one person to another and can depend on the nature and severity of the brain injury sustained. A TBI can result in deterioration in global functioning including:

  • Emotional or behavioural difficulties (e.g. reduced motivation, impulsivity, sexual inhibition);

  • Cognitive/thinking skills (e.g. reduced memory, concentration, planning);

  • Communication or speech (e.g. slurred speech, word finding difficulties);

  • Physical and sensory limitations (e.g. reduced hearing, poor mobility, low vision);

These impairments can have a significant impact on people’s lives, such as their job, their relationships and ability to care for themselves.  Recovery from a TBI can vary depending on the severity and impairments can improve overtime in some cases. Extensive acute treatment and rehabilitation with a multi-disciplinary team is required, such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and attendant care workers. A community case manager is often required to co-ordinate and execute the proposed treatment plan and collaborate with all parties to achieve the client centred goals, once the person is back at home. The case study provided here demonstrates the role of an occupational therapist working with a client that has sustained a TBI.

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Liz Wise

Principal Consultant & Director

Wise OT Solutions

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'IN THE SPOTLIGHT'... this month we talk to the amazing Lisa Cornish about all things coffee and continence! 


Australian Rugby star - Tatafu Polota-Nau, Ambasador for Sidetember.. 'Feel the burns' to raise much needed funds for people living with an acquired Brain Injury.


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