We are OPEN!

We would like to update you on our service provision during this unprecedented time. We want you to know that we are still open for community OT and Case Management services and we are doing everything we can to support and reassure our vulnerable clients during this uncertain time.

We are well set up to work from home and have been operating as a remote team since the beginning of Wise OT Solutions in 2011 and will continue to do so.

We know that our role as health professionals in the community is imperative to our clients receiving adequate care and services and we have adapted our practices to ensure the safety of our clients and staff members. 

We are closely monitoring all updates from NSW health and have implemented the following changes:


  • We are checking in with all our clients to ensure they have adequate continence and medicinal supplies. 

  • We have informed them of more accessible shopping hours for Woolworths and Coles.

  • Home Visits will continue to be completed but modified where possible to include social distancing guidelines. 

  • We are asking clients with any flu-like symptoms to postpone their appointments.

  • No visits will be completed for clients who are in self-isolation. 

Our Team:

  • We have always been stringent on our infection control procedures and continue to frequently sanitise and wash our hands in the community as per NSW Health hand hygiene guidelines.

  • We have implemented a pre-visit risk assessment checklist that’s completed over the phone to identify any at-risk clients. 

  • Case conferences are being completed via teleconference where feasible.

  • We will continue to host our weekly online team meetings and re-assess news from NSW Health on a daily basis.

  • All our team members have completed the "Covid-19 infection control training". 


As a small business, we offer individualised services to best suit our client's needs. If you think an injured worker/client/participant may need some extra support during the lockdown, here are some ideas on what we can offer:

Isolation check-up 

  • Is your client set up to access Telehealth services at home?  

  • Do they need any further equipment/internet access to allow therapy to continue?  

  • Do they know how to order groceries online or access food and essential supplies?

  • Are they at risk of developing symptoms of anxiety or depression with further isolation?  

  • Would they benefit from regular phone calls or video conferencing to ensure they maintain some social contact?


Rapid Response Discharge Service

  • We are helping people to get home from the hospital sooner than a 'normal' length of stay would be for their injury to assist NSW Health to free up beds for the treatment of Covid patients.

  • This will impact anyone having inpatient rehabilitation following a significant injury or those needing additional time to recover post-surgery in the hospital.

  • We can provide a rapid response case management/OT service to ensure all care, equipment, modifications, and medication are in place for when that person goes home.  

  • Our team are still completing face to face visits with appropriate precautions as we know that Telehealth is not suitable for everyone. 


Occupational Therapy

  • Upper Limb Therapy, where cessation of therapy would lead to deterioration.

  • Cognitive retraining during a critical phase of recovery.

  • Urgent Activity of Daily Living Assessments and Care Needs Assessments to provide people with essential support, equipment and services at home.


Here's how we've helped some of our clients during lockdown:

- Jason* is a 45-year-old man with a brachial plexus injury after a horrible car crash. He is working with our OT, Kat, after shoulder surgery. He is beginning to regain some movement and sensation in his hand and fingers. While he is making a significant recovery in this critical post-surgical period, his progress would plateau, and he may never regain the function of his arm again. One of his goals is to hold his newborn son, and we want to help him make that happen!

- Mike* is a 36-year-old man recovering from a brain injury. He is socially disadvantaged with suspected financial abuse, unstable housing and his Mum (primary carer) is fighting a battle of her own with stage 4 cancer. He was completely overwhelmed and had stopped attending all his treatment. He was even refusing paid care workers to help him. He trusts our Case Manager, Carly, and he agreed to a check-up home visit when things were at their worst. She helped him set up his iPad for Telehealth, finalised his financial management meeting with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) via Telehealth, and he is now ready for his carer to start again this week. I would hate to think where this man would be right now without this critical support.

- Richard* is a 41-year-old man with a Brain Injury and subsequent mental health issues. He lives alone, has no internet access, is at risk of homelessness and the last time Kat saw him, he had no food in his fridge. Kat arranged a carer to help him get some groceries and cook some meals. The insurer also supported a tablet to assist with access to Telehealth. Kat set this up and helped him create an email account to communicate with his therapists, set regular reminders to 'stay home' due to his short term memory (he forgets to do this!), and he can now keep in contact with his family who is unable to visit him. Without this support, Richard would likely be another statistic on the news that none of us wants to hear about.


If you need support or guidance on how best to help your clients - please give us a call, we're happy to help over the phone. You can call us on 1800 9473 68 or send through details here on our website.

If you need any urgent assessments, please don't hesitate to call the office on 1800 9473 68 as we do have capacity to assist

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Our team have all completed the NSW Health "Covid-19 infection control training". Available for anyone to complete here via this online training module. "How to protect yourself and the people you are caring for from infection with COVID–19" 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the noise in our world at the moment? Some great tips here from Occupational Therapist & Author; Angela Lockwood on how to stay calm amongst the chaos.

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Our team are all Occupational Therapists with extensive severe injury experience in workers care,  LTCS and IFNSW. We are all icare approved Case Managers. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to give us a call. 1800 WISE OT (1800 9473 68)


Liz Brownlee

Director & Occupational Therapist

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