Happy New Year! With most people back at their desks this week (and back to school!) after the holiday period, life and work is in full swing again. The reality is, it has been far from celebratory for many people around Australia in the wake of the bushfires. It's been horrible to watch so much destruction and devastation for our people, our land and native animals. Some of our clients had to evacuate their homes which was terrifying for them, especially with physical and cognitive disabilities. We are pleased to hear everyone is home safe again. 

Despite the horrific nature of these events, I've seen so much good will from around the country. From donations to fundraisers to hand sewing koala pouches and being on the ground to help families in need, we really band together as a nation to support those who need us most. It's amazing to see some new growth and repair happening already. 

We know for some, there will be life long mental health issues and severe injuries such as burns and amputations as a result of these tragic events and we'll be there to support our clients and customers as best as we can.  

As a team, we want to move forward on a positive note and make a big impact on the lives of those around us. We want this to be our best year yet! I like to choose a theme or a word for the year that anchors all that we do. It keeps us driven and focused when things get tough and keeps us soaring through the good times. This year our word is: BRAVE! To be braver than we've ever been in our decision making, our leadership, our learning, our lessons and relationships. Brave enough to say YES to new things and stand out from the crowd. We want to spend this year being courageous, fearless, bold and adventurous! We have so many great things to share with you this year. 

Look out 2020, TEAM Wise OT is coming for you!


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Meet Vicki Bowden! Vicki is an Occupational Therapist who comes to us all the way from Aberdeen in Scotland. She has lived in Australia for many years now after graduating in 2009 and joined Wise OT Solutions in June 2019. Vicki has recently increased her work days and now joins us 4 days per week (Monday to Thursday). Due to her increased capacity, she's got space for new clients without a wait list! (Yes, we know this is unheard of!!) If you need an OT assessment, treatment or case management - give us a call! 


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Our team are all Occupational Therapists with extensive severe injury experience in workers care,  LTCS and IFNSW. We are all icare approved Case Managers (and one icare Care Needs Assessor!) If you need anything, please don't hesitate to give us a call. 1800 WISE OT (1800 9473 68)


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