Happy New Year!! I think I join most people back at work after a refreshing holiday. I went away for a week with my family to soak up some sunshine, swim in the ocean and simply recharge after a massive 2015. Unfortunately it rained the whole week!! however it forced me to take a real break - no phone calls, no emails, no thinking about writing reports or doing home visits - I just simply stopped to take it all in. Easier said than done when there's always a massive 'To Do' list, but it was worth it. I played Pictionary, Ten Pin Bowling and arcade games with my niece and nephews - their beautiful demand for attention is enough to stop anyone from working!

After the break I've bounced back into the office with a spring in my step and a whole lot of enthusiasm for 2016!! In true OT style, I spent a couple of days writing down my goals, including my 'one big word' of focus and scribbled my musings of 2015 and plans for the new year in this brilliant planner (below). I'm feeling ready to tackle the year ahead - let's do this!

Now the challenge as always will be sticking to the goals to ensure I wake up on 1 January 2017, feeling accomplished. It's not going to be easy as the ups and downs of life always get in the way, but lets not start with excuses already!! 

Here's my 5 simple strategies for starting the year off on the right foot and sticking to your goals:

Set your target: What exactly are you aiming for?! Write it down, tell a friend, put a picture on the wall. Say it out loud and shout it from the roof tops - there's no escaping it now! 

Break it down: Climbing Everest isn't going to happen overnight. Neither is losing 10kg. What can you do on a weekly basis to help you get there? Training for a 5km run or sticking to a healthy eating plan - now that's a good start!  

Be accountable: How do you keep yourself accountable? For me it's having an "accountability partner" - someone who will check in with you on a certain day or time to see how you're tracking. It might be your trainer at the gym, your boss at work or a friend who know's exactly where you're heading with those goals. 

Chill out: One of my favourite sayings is "You can't slay a dragon everyday". Give your self a break every once in a while. Sometimes the fear of having to be so stringent in adhering to these goals stops us from even starting. Taking a day 'off' from your goals may be all it takes to refocus. Skip a workout or have a cheat meal - with the plan to get straight back to your routine the following day. 

Stop Thinking: Just do it! No more negotiating with yourself, no procrastinating and no checking the weather for chances of rain before you go outside to exercise!! Get stuck in before your brain actually registers what you're doing. Start now! 

What is your 2016 looking like? What will you achieve both personally and professionally? If you haven’t already, start by writing just 3 things down that you want to achieve this year. You’ll feel much better by the time 2017 pops up! 

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Liz Brownlee

Director & Occupational Therapist


What's your one big word for 2016? Janine Garner talks about a defining word to keep you focussed for the year ahead, the importance of goals setting and actually writing them down!! 

2016 planner.png

Here is the best, most awesome planner - a must have for 2016!! A great way to review the year that was and plan your goals for 2016. Fill it out and keep yourself accountable!