Samantha Grant

Clinical Psychologist

Tell us a bit about your role

After working for many years in the public hospital sector and then in not for profit community sector, I decided to go into private practice and start up my own business – inspire rehab & psychology.  As the principal Clinical Psychologist, I am aim to not only provide quality psychological services to individuals and their support networks, but to also be an inspiration to the sector in best practice approaches and capacity building.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

There is no typical day for me.  New to the autonomy of private practice, my day is revolving around setting up systems, whilst ensuring I meet my current clients’ needs.  I am a community based psychologist, so my office is wherever it best suits the individual and their support networks.  I could be in a gym one day, a park another, a restaurant another or in the person’s home. 


Do you have a particular area of clinical interest?

I have for the past 15 years specialised in working with acquired brain injury (ABI), including catastrophic injuries from motor vehicle accidents as well as non-traumatic causes such as alcohol and substance related impairments and strokes.   I have also focused on more complex presentations such as, challenging behaviours, mental health and alcohol and substance use, and other physical injuries such as spinal cord injury. 


What do you enjoy outside of work?

My kids and my family, and my friends.  Being active and creating new adventures with my kids.  Swimming and being near water.  Enjoying life and the opportunities it provides. 

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Neither – I enjoy my sleep!  I think having kids makes you an early bird, but I am probably more naturally a night owl!

A favourite quote? 

A good psychologist is one that is not needed anymore!

What keeps you passionate about your industry? 

The people.  I love seeing the people I have supported achieve their goals.  I am very goal focused and so whether its big or small, a goal that has been achieved through something I have supported either directly or indirectly drives me to keep going.


Helping up and coming psychologists ( and other professionals)  to be passionate about helping individuals with ABI.  I have a Clinical Psychology registrar Alethea Tomkins who will be working with me, and to see her develop and grow is so rewarding.

3 words that best describe you....

Social.  Passionate.  Caring

Where can we find you? 

I am currently community based, working from my home office, so I can be found at the end of my mobile: 0476 794742, the end of my email: or on my facebook page: inspire rehab & psychology or website:  ( but it isn’t quite ready yet!) or snail mail: PO Box 447, Kensington NSW 1465.