Lisa Cornish

State Branch Manager, Vittoria Food and Beverage

Founder and Owner, In Control Fitness

Tell us a bit about your role

I currently have 2 roles at present in which both are amazing, passionate and fun.

My full time corporate role as a State Branch manager for Vittoria food and beverage allows me to promote and sell Vittoria coffee and gourmet lines to our fabulous food industry from 5 star and hatted restaurants to your favorite local café and supermarket.


My other is a passion as the founder and owner of a business called ‘In Control Fitness’, in which I specalise in encouragement of exercise, functional movement and confidence in women and Men with critical bladder dysfunction.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

My normal day involves coming alive and ready for the day at around 5am for either going cycling with the Wombles or a gym workout, then home for breakfast (I know how to eat this), tackle first of emails and phone calls. My day can vary from being out and about with sales team to visit clients, marketing events such as the good food guide awards or a day with in the office with the warehouse and admin team to ensure day to day operations are happening.


Evening’s now are focused around working with clients training at my home or at the park, depending on how where my client is at with their personal journey, or working on my website for my speaking topics.

Do you have a particular area of clinical interest/clients you enjoy working with the most?

With my history of Cancer and Bladder dysfunction of course my particular interest lies within this field. With a special interest in Functional movement for everyday life enjoyment. Gaining knowledge and observing the improvement and quality of life, people achieve with learning the right functional movement and full body integration of movement that can be achieved.

My favorite clients are the ones that have confidence in me to share their personal journey so we can work together to make their life much more comfortable and rewarding.


What do you enjoy outside of work?

Gosh outside of work, I am active, being an avid cyclist and ride with an amazing group called the Wombles, nothing like a coffee ride on a Sunday. A passionate Scuba diver, trekker, gardener - love getting the hands dirty although the nails hate it, I am a taekwondo instructor but have not taught in a while due to my recent surgery, but continue to practice at home , a self-confessed gym junkie. So outside of work you could say I love anything to do with adrenaline except jumping out of a perfectly land able aircraft. But I also love being a foodie and a coffee connoisseur.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

As you would guess from the above, I am an early bird, love being around when the sun is coming up, nothing better than to be on the ocean at sunrise, it’s the best part of the day for me.

Tea or coffee?!

Definitely coffee, love that rich smooth flavor of a good coffee anytime. It’s a passion!

A favourite quote? 

I have 2 favorite quotes

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much - Helen Keller

Your network is your Net worth – cannot remember where I heard this but love it and try to live it.

What keeps you passionate about your industry? 

Coffee is a passion live it day to day.

As a fitness professional in the field I specialise in, the ever changing and break trough’s in technology allows me to keep passionate about quality of life for people who suffer. If I can make a small difference it’s very rewarding.

3 words that best describe you....

Ever smiling, energetic, passionate

Where can we find you? 

In control fitness on Facebook. Email: