Danielle Bennet

Director of Care Services,

All About Caring

Tell us a bit about your role

I founded All About Caring in 2001, and work currently as the Director of Care Services. I am responsible for creating the future and managing the present services that All About Caring delivers to the community. Uphold, safeguard and promote the company’s values, vision and mission, and execute the responsibilities of a company director according to legal and ethical standards. All About Caring provides services across NSW and as we are a rapidly growing company I need to always review what we are doing and work closely with our fantastic team to ensure we continue to provide high quality services.

I have also been the President and a company Director of the Attendant Care Industry Association of Australia (ACIA) since 2010. This is the peak body for attendant care service providers operating across Australia. ACIA represents the non-government attendant care sector, including not-for-profit and private organisations. We represent and support service providers to deliver quality attendant care for the benefit of people with disabilities or those with complex or long-term care needs living in the community. ACIA’s primary focus on quality assurance and workforce capacity building aims to ensure the delivery of high quality, low risk attendant care services. ACIA’s objectives support the implementation of federal and state government policies aimed at enabling people to achieve their actively participate in society, achieve their person-centred goals, remain in their own homes and avoid unnecessary residential care. ACIA invites membership from individuals and organisations from a wide range of interests in the health and community services sector to advance Attendant Care across Australia.


Policy Advice, Education and Training, Networking, Quality Certification – Attendant Care Industry Standard (ACIS) 2013, ACIA Endorsed Certification to the Attendant Care Industry Management System Standard (ACIMSS) 2008

What does a typical work day look like for you?

No two work days are the same, I need to be flexible to cover the various roles in my life. A mother with two young girls, Director of All About Caring(AAC) and President of Attendant Care Industry (ACIA). However it usually involves some or all of the following:

  • Up early to check emails and plans for the day.

  • Wake up my two young daughters and get them ready for school.

  • Then off to AAC Office to have meetings with senior staff, liaising with external case managers, funders and Service Users and their Carers.

  • Various teleconferences/meetings or interstate travel as the President of ACIA.

  • Home to sort out my family for the evening and then more emails and work after the girls are in bed

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Spending time with my family and friends

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Both, as there are not enough hours in a day to run a business and have a young family.

A favourite quote? 

Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today.

What keeps you passionate about your industry? 

Being able to see the positive impact we have on peoples life’s.

3 words that best describe you....

Honest, patient and hardworking.


Where can we find you? 

Working between AAC and ACIA Offices and any other location across Australia that requires my attention. The best way to reach me is via danielle@allaboutcaring.com.au