Chris Sinclair

Exercise Physiologist

Tell us a bit about your role

As an exercise physiologist specialising in occupational health for over 10 years, I work with clients who have sustained work or motor accident injuries.Our focus is helping them return to work and life.The EXPHYS REHAB team are experienced exercise physiologist consultants. Often our services are engaged when specialist expertise is required, or rehabilitation progression hasn’t been going as expected.


Whilst exercise and physical activity is at the core of our approach, we may integrate additional rehabilitation approaches such as pain neuroscience education and graded motor imagery, goal setting, diary activity recording, manual handling, and pacing education.


As exercise physiologists, we really enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team approach with other health professionals; such as occupational therapists, psychologists, rehabilitation counsellors, physiotherapists.


I am passionate about the exercise physiology profession.Because of this, I am a Board Member on the Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) NSW State Chapter.This provides me the opportunity to give back to the profession and contribute to industry, such as being involved with the current NSW WorkCover and NSW Motor Accident Authority Allied Health framework reviews.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

My mobile consultant work involves me seeing client’s either in a gymnasium, pool, their home, or workplace.I may also travel out of Sydney for specialist face-to-face client support, or do this over the telephone or through Skype.


Regular communication and collaboration with the client’s various support team members (eg. occupational therapists and other health/medical professionals, insurers/service funders) takes place throughout the day outside of client sessions.


My management role ensures our team are clear about our customer’s needs, and deliver on these needs.I also support our consultants at EXPHYS REHAB, and oversee our administration team.


I like getting up early to hit the ground running.In the evening, I spend time with my family and this is also when I exercise.I’m one of those people who run outside in the dark with a headlight on.

Do you have a particular area of clinical interest?

Persistent pain, mental health conditions and severe injuries.


These are professionally challenging and rewarding.In these circumstances, often an individual has a low level of functioning, so there is considerable scope to improve the quality of someone’s life and make a real difference.Transferring these functional improvements to achieve meaningful client goals is the ultimate (eg. improved daily activity and work performance).


I really enjoy educating people about persistent pain, helping them understand the biology and physiology, by acquiring knowledge that their pain experience is not solely related to their tissues.This knowledge often creates safety in an individual and gives them freedom to move.


Likewise, I enjoy educating about the natural medicinal effects of regular exercise for mental health benefits.It’s very rewarding when you see client’s realising these benefits.


What do you enjoy outside of work?

I practice what I preach, simply because I enjoy physical activity.Regular exercise makes me feel great.I feel good within myself, and have more clarity and confidence.Variation keeps me motivated, by being physically active both outdoors and in the gymnasium.


I love my wife and young daughter, and spend as much time as possible with them. I have some wonderful friends who I consider to be my extended family.


Also reading – books are good mentors

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird catches the worm!

Tea or coffee?!

Coffee. But an English breakfast tea also goes alright!


A favourite quote? 

“He who has a to live for can bear almost any ” (Nietzsche)


This quote will resonate with anyone who has a real passion to pursue something.

What keeps you passionate about your industry? 

Improving someone’s functional capacity (both physically and mentally) through regular physical activity and exercise.Helping people improve their level of function subsequently flows onto the bigger picture goals of someone improving their work performance, or undertaking more of their activities that are important to them.


I find that a lot of people who have persistent or severe medical conditions are not realising the health benefits of regular physical activity and goal achievement.There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to make the complex more simple, putting a plan in place, and then executing that plan for an individual to experience these health benefits.Teaching people how they can do this themselves, through behaviour change and self-management principles, to improve their quality of life, is very rewarding.

3 words that best describe you....

Integrity, Solutions-Focused, Lead by example


Where can we find you? 


Phone:            1300 853 345




We provide specialist mobile services throughout the Sydney Metropolitan and Illawarra regions.  We can travel further afar within NSW and Interstate as requested.